Denny Medley – USA Today Sports

Will Wade met with the media this afternoon for his usual weekly press conference. Here’s some key quotes:

“I thought we played one of our best games, especially on the road. I thought we guarded well.”

Wade on team’s performance vs. Texas A&M:

“I think a lot of people get confused if playing well is if your shot goes in. I was fired up because I’ve been telling our team defense and rebounding travel. We took good shots for the most part, they just didn’t go in.”

“I thought that was good progress to win on the road like that, to just slowly squeeze the life out of them in the second half.”

Wade on Arkansas:

“They’re playing better. They beat Georgia the other night. They played Texas Tech really close on the road. We’re obviously going to need to do a better job on Gafford, he killed us.”

“We had twenty-one offensive rebounds. The down side was we didn’t make very many shots. I love offensive rebounding, I love getting on the glass, I like how we guarded.”

“I liked how things went last night [vs. A&M]. I know it’s not the most athletically pleasing.”

“We talk about winning the day. The more stuff that’s going on the narrower your focus has to be. We worry about today. We have to do a great job today. You have to narrow your focus.”


“We appreciate our fans. We need the students to come. [They] make a huge difference, they really, really add to the atmosphere.”

LSU hosts Arkansas on Saturday for a 5 p.m. tip on the SEC Network.