New Years Eve’s Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl was Danny Etling’s most impressive performance of the season. We’re here to break it down for you, video by video, word by word.

So, here we go. Buckle up.

Etling Goes Deep

Here’s Danny’s first big throw of the game with a fade route to Malachi Dupre on a first and ten. If you look closely, Etling’s footwork is a bit off balanced as he releases off his back foot, but stays focused to connect for an important throw early in the contest. Etling’s confidence throwing the ball to begin the game led to an eruption for the Tiger offensive attack. Huge gain and a first down for LSU. An overall good throw from Etling here.

Cool, Calm, Collected

Beautiful drop back play-action pass with good execution from Danny Etling. Sets the feet and fires a bullet to a wide open Dupre running a cross pattern. Clearly, Etling’s throwing motion looks more confident here as the offensive line allows him to have plenty time with their protection. It was evident Danny felt good early, and it wouldn’t end there. Easy first down as the Tigers move into Louisville territory.

Short, Sweet, Effective

Here is Etling finding Dupre (again,) who was by far his favorite target in the Citrus Bowl. This time, better footwork from the junior quarterback as he manages to throw a dart for a big gain across the 50 yard line. Cool, calm and composed. First down Tigers.

Etling To Jeter (Touchdown No. 1)

Easy touchdown for Etling, finding senior tight end Colin Jeter in the back of the end zone for the completion. Jeter runs a little corner route as the Tigers take an early 7-3 lead in the Citrus Bowl. The offense clicking early is a good sign for Steve Ensminger and Ed Oregon in his first “real” game as permanent head coach.

Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Danny Etling nearly gets picked off, but throws a perfect pass to Malachi Dupre by the sideline for an LSU first down. Etling shows great poise to stand tall, remain under control and place a perfect ball to split the double coverage from Louisville.

Dupre Bails Etling Out

Perhaps this clip was made possible by the incredible hands of Dupre, who is clearly having a career performance for LSU. Etling throws a decent ball over the middle of the field, but Dupre comes up clutch with a flashy one handed grab. Another key third down conversion for Etling. First down Tigers.

Chark Attack

With pressure coming from Louisville, Etling throws deep, slightly under thrown pass to WR D.J. Clark who makes the catch with a pass interference as well. Incredible concentration from the junior receiver to come down with that pass. (0:08)

Etling Dumps Down To Guice (Touchdown No. 2)

As J.D. Moore runs in motion, Etling finds Guice for a one-yard play action pass. Well designed play from Steve Ensmingner and Ed Oregon. LSU has had trouble getting the ball in the end zone at the one, so they decide to play it out wide.

The (BIG) Mistake

(0:11) Here’s where Etling makes his first mistake of the game. As he receives the ball, his footwork was shaky from he start, however, tries to avoid pressure and doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball out of bounds. The ball gets intercepted in a crucial mistake that costs the Tigers 3 points.

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