The Film Room Is Back: In this edition, we take a quick look at some of the highlights of newly signed LSU quarterback Joe Burrow in garbage time against Nebraska. We go highlight-by-highlight and provide some analysis and on each of his throws/runs.

Film Video #1

A pretty straight forward throw and catch; however, Burrow, like most of his throws in this game, looks poised, confident and controlled. This throw is a tad out of reach of what the receiver was expecting, but he makes a good play to adjust and make the grab. Overall, a good job to convert on third down and move the chains.

Film Video #2

Good footwork and an even better throw from Burrow here. He hits the receiver dead in the chest through two defenders and the receiver makes a poor choice to run back short of the first down mark. Great vision and accuracy here from #JeauxBurreaux.

Film Video #3

He can run the ball, too. The offensive line did give Burrow the biggest hole he may get in his career; however, it’s still nice to see for LSU fans that he doesn’t just throw the ball, but is a dual threat. Burrow has a good sense of when to escape the pocket when nothing is open and that should come in handy in the SEC West.

Film Video #4

Another throw right on point. 3rd-and-6, Burrow drops back from about 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage and fires a bullet for another first down. If I were to take one thing away from these highlights, it’s how calm Burrow is when throwing. Clearly, as a redshirt freshman at the time, he wants to impress the coaching staff for next year, and he is certainly doing so with this performance.

Film Video #5

“Every throw that he has had has hit the receiver right in the chest,” says Kirk Herbstreet in this video. With a poor snap, Burrow grabs it, adjusts, and fires another bullet on a slant route for positive yardage. Buckeye fans and reporters know that the Tigers are getting a hidden gem at QB and that is something to be excited about.

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Photo: Jay LaPrete – Associated Press