LSU has a huge chance to improve their NCAA Tournament resume on Saturday as they host Buddy Hield and the No.1 Oklahoma Sooners. The game is sold out, so it should be an electric environment in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. “They’re not just Buddy Hield, there are lots of talented players around him,” said LSU Head Coach Johnny Jones. Interested in learning more about Saturday’s matchup? Full preview below:

Oklahoma Sooners (17-2)

Key Victories: #9 Villanova, #11 Iowa State, #11 West Virginia, #13 Baylor.

Losses: #1 Kansas (1/4), #19 Iowa State (1/18)

Two of the best players in the country will face off, as Buddy Hield and Ben Simmons try to give their teams big wins on Saturday.

“It’s fun, Hield said. “Ben is a cool dude. I like him.”

“Everyone’s making a big deal about it. I’m viewing it as another opportunity,” said Simmons.

“It’s going to be an amazing game I think. One folks will remember for awhile,” said Keith Hornsby.

Season Stats

Points Per Game:

B. Hield: 25.9 PPG

J. Woodard: 14.9 PPG

I. Cousins: 13.1 PPG

Rebounds Per Game:

R. Spangler: 9.7 RPG

K. Lattin: 6.4 RPG

B. Hield: 5.8 RPG

Assists Per Game:

I. Cousins: 4.5 APG

J. Woodard: 3.9 APG

B. Hield: 2.5 APG

As you can see, Buddy Hield is in the top three of each of these major stats. Hield is a dynamic player, but shows different qualities than Ben Simmons on the court.

Oklahoma plays in the BIG 12, which this season has been regarded as the nations top conference.

LSU Tigers (13-7)

Key Victories: #9 Kentucky, at Vandy, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Alabama.

Bad Losses: at Charleston.

The Tigers, coming of a tough loss to #5 Texas A&M 71-57 on January 19th, have now won two straight heading into this Saturday’s matchup.

The Tigers have made 355 of their 531 attempted free throws. They have also scored 1626 points to their opponents 1512.

LSU has notched 838 rebounds thus far in the season.

Season Stats

Points Per Game:

B. Simmons: 19.8 PPG

K. Hornsby: 13.2 PPG

C. Victor: 12.8 PPG

Rebounds Per Game:

B. Simmons: 12.7 RPG

C. Victor: 6.6 RPG

T.Quarterman: 4.8 RPG

Assists Per Game:

B. Simmons: 4.9 APG

T. Quarterman: 3.6 APG

J. Gray: 2.2 APG

Simmons leads the Tigers in each of the three major stat lines. LSU will need to incorporate many players, and get them involved in order to beat No. 1 Oklahoma.

On Saturday, we’ll get to watch a rare game between the nations top two Wooden Award candidates. The Wooden Award is given to the most valuable player in College Basketball.

When: Game will be on at 4 p.m. CT on ESPN.