Impact Players:

LSU: Tre White, Jamal Adams

Jacksonville State: QB Eli Jenkins, RB Roc Thomas, DE Darius Jackson

Jacksonville State defeated North Alabama, 31-12 last Saturday.

Where: Tiger Stadium

When: 6:30


Sep 7, 2016 – LSU entered the season with sky high expectations.

The Tigers will take the field this Saturday as an (0-1) ball club for the first time in the Les Miles era. Not only will there be pressure surrounding the head coach, but yet again there is uncertainty regarding the quarterback.

Many thought LSU’s offense would be revamped, however, it seemed like no necessary changes, at all, were made. It looked like a spitting image of the issues that led to the (almost) demise of their most successful coach in school history. However, if you at least know a little, you can see that change is not Les Miles’ forte. If his (almost) firing was not a wake up call, then I’m not sure if anything will faze him to change the offensive scheme.

In terms of rankings, LSU fell sixteen spots in the AP poll as a result to their face plant last Saturday. Even though it’s tough to forget the past, we thought we’d look forward to Jacksonville State, who isn’t a cupcake.

On the positive side, if any, CB Tre’Davious White was outstanding, single handily clawing LSU back into the game vs Wisconsin. “We knew what was at stake this season,” said White, who told the media that their goal was to go undefeated in 2016-2017.

As for Brandon Harris? Les Miles made it clear that backup Danny Etling “could see time under a couple of situations.” Miles also noted Fournette’s ankle is “better.” He expects him to play on Saturday.

Problems that need to be fixed: Offensive line, missed tackles on defense, QB play.

Quotes from “Lunch w/ Les”

Les Miles on Travonte Valentine: “He played well. Very sticky against the run. Very powerful pushing pocket.”

Les Miles on Roc Thomas: “Big, strong, capable. Good feet. You’re going to have to knock him down. He’sa strong athlete.” Roc Thomas is an Auburn transfer.

Les Miles: “We need to turn the page quickly. Frankly, Jacksonville State is a very good football team.”