Les Miles and LSU, who come into 2016 with high expectations, started spring practice on Monday afternoon. The Tigers wore helmets but no pads for their workouts and drills. The day highlighted the first practices for new coaches: defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, running backs Coach Juluke and wide recievers Coach Craig. Les Miles made it clear that they have been focusing on the Tigers passing attack and will continue to do so all spring. See below for photos and other news:

Quotes from Les Miles:

“We took the field throwing the football and took the first part of practice and worked our throws.”

“We’re heading toward the opportunity to throw the football better”

“That’s what we intended to do witht the spring, and that’s what we are doing.”

“I think everyone realizes comfortably that we need to execute the passing game more efficiently with higher completion percentages.”

“We all recognize that is something that makes our team better.”

“I want to throw the football 15 practices just like we threw it today. That’s our plan.”

“What that means is we are taking an inordinate amount of time at the beggining of practice to set up technically our throwing game.”

2016 Running Back signee, Devin White, played some snaps at Linebacker today.

“He texted me and said, ‘I was thinking if I played linebacker I could get on the field sooner.’ I said, ‘That might be true.”

“What we did is we have him an opportunity, and I think he is doing a lot with it.”

“It will be interesting to see how he goes from here.”

Today was the first day on the field for defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, wide recievers coach Dameyune Craig, and coach Jabbar Juluke.

“I think they’re doing pretty well. Again, this is only the first practice.”

“It takes some time to get it right. Dameyune certainly had some experience with spread offense at Auburn and gives us a number of ideas as we put the spring together.”

“Jabbar has also been in a variety of offenses. We have used his experiences as well.”

Miles also goes to complement Dave Aranda and his style of defense:

“I think you will find that he (Aranda) will have the opportunity to gang up on opponents’ formations in the right way.”

“It’s a pretty-well conceived defense. I think you will enjoy it.”


LSU Football is back in Baton Rouge!