After an offseason rich with talk and speculation, all of that can now be put aside: football is finally back.

After last season’s finale, a lot has been made of who currently owns conference superiority in the sport, and with the slate of first weekend games we have been blessed with, some of those arguments, in fact, will soon be decided.

As I always do before a new season kicks off, I’ll be picking each game on every SEC teams schedule and who will reign as conference champion.

For some schools, 2017 is a year with mounting expectations, and for others a year of uncertainty. With the departures of Josh Dobbs, Derrick Barnett and Alvin Kamara, what kind of team will Tennessee be this year? Is Alabama going to be able to weather another coaching change with the hire of Brain Daboll? Can Kentucky finally contend for a title in the East? These questions will be answered … now.

Here are my picks for every SEC football team:


Sept. 2: Florida State (W)

Sept. 9: Fresno State (W)

Sept. 16: Colorado State (W)

Sept. 23: @Vanderbilt (W)

Sept. 30: Mississippi (W)

Oct. 7: @Texas A&M (W)

Oct. 14: Arkansas (W)

Oct. 21: Tennessee (W)

Nov. 4: LSU (W)

Nov. 11: @Mississippi State (W)

Nov. 18: Mercer (W)

Nov. 25: @Auburn (W)

End Result: (12-0), CFP birth


Sept. 2: Georgia Southern (W)

Sept. 9: @Clemson (W)

Sept. 16: Mercer (W)

Sept. 23: @Missouri (W)

Sept. 30: Mississippi State (W)

Oct. 7: Mississippi (W)

Oct. 14: @LSU (L)

Oct. 21: @Arkansas (W)

Nov. 4: @Texas A&M (W)

Nov. 11: Georgia (W)

Nov. 18: LA Monroe (W)

Nov. 25: Alabama (L)

End Result: (10-2), New Years Bowl


Sept. 2: BYU (W)

Sept. 9: Chattanooga (W)

Sept. 16: @Mississippi State (L)

Sept. 23: Syracuse (W)

Sept. 30: Troy (W)

Oct. 7: @Florida (L)

Oct. 14: Auburn (W)

Oct. 21: @Mississippi (W)

Nov. 4: @Alabama (L)

Nov. 11: Arkansas (W)

Nov. 18: @Tennessee (W)

Nov. 25: Texas A&M (W)

End Result: (9-3), New Years Bowl

Mississippi State

Sept. 2: Charleston Southern (W)

Sept. 9: @Louisiana Tech (W)

Sept. 16: LSU (W)

Sept. 23: @Georgia (L)

Sept. 30: @Auburn (L)

Oct. 14: BYU (W)

Oct. 21: Kentucky (W)

Oct. 28: @Texas A&M (L)

Nov. 4: UMass (W)

Nov. 11: Alabama (L)

Nov 18: @Arkansas (L)

Nov. 23: Mississippi (W)

End Result: (7-5)


Aug. 31: Florida A&M (W)

Sept. 9: TCU (L)

Sept. 23: Texas A&M (W)

Sept. 30: New Mexico State (W)

Oct. 7: @South Carolina (W)

Oct. 14: @Alabama (L)

Oct. 21: Auburn (L)

Oct. 28: @Mississippi (W)

Nov. 4: Coastal (W)

Nov. 11: LSU (L)

Nov. 18: Mississippi State (W)

Nov. 24: Missouri (W)

End Result: (8-4)


Sept. 2: South Alabama (W)

Sept. 9: TN-Martin (W)

Sept: 16: California (W)

Sept. 30: @Alabama (L)

Oct. 7: @Auburn (L)

Oct. 14: Vanderbilt (W)

Oct. 21: LSU (L)

Oct. 28: Arkansas (L)

Nov. 4: @Kentucky (L)

Nov. 11: Louisiana-Lafayette (W)

Nov. 18: Texas A&M (L)

Nov. 23: Mississippi State (L)

End Result (5-7)

Texas A&M

Sept. 3: @UCLA (W)

Sept. 9: Nicholls State (W)

Sept. 16: Louisiana-Lafayette (W)
Sept. 23: Arkansas (L)

Sept. 30: South Carolina (W)

Oct. 7: Alabama (L)

Oct. 14: @Florida (L)

Oct. 28: Mississippi State (W)

Nov. 4: Auburn (W)

Nov. 11: New Mexico (W)

Nov. 18: @Mississippi (W)

Nov. 25 @LSU (L)

End Result (8-4)



Sept. 2: Michigan (W)

Sept. 9: Northern Colorado (W)

Sept. 16: Tennessee (W)

Sept. 23: @Kentucky (L)

Sept. 30: Vanderbilt (W)

Oct. 7: LSU (W)

Oct. 14: Texas A&M (W)

Oct. 28: Georgia (L)

Nov. 4: @Missouri (W)

Nov. 11: @South Carolina (W)

Nov. 18: UAB (W)

Nov. 25: Florida State (L)

End Result (9-3)


Sept. 2: App State (W)

Sept. 9: @Notre Dame (L)

Sept. 16: Samford (W)

Sept. 23: Mississippi State (W)

Sept. 30: @Tennessee (W)

Oct. 7: @Vanderbilt (W)

Oct. 14: Missouri (W)

Oct. 28: Florida (W)

Nov. 4: South Carolina (W)

Nov. 11: @Auburn (L)

Nov. 18: Kentucky (W)

Nov. 25: @Georgia Tech (W)

End Result (10-2), New Years Bowl


Sept. 4: Georgia Tech (W)

Sept. 9: Indiana State (W)

Sept. 16: @Florida (L)
Sept. 23: UMass (W)

Sept. 30: Georgia (L)

Oct. 14: South Carolina (W)

Oct. 21: @Alabama (L)

Oct. 28: @Kentucky (L)

Nov. 4: Southern Miss (W)

Nov. 11: @Missouri (W)

Nov. 18: LSU (L)

Nov. 25: Vanderbilt (W)

End Result (7-5)


Sept. 2: @Southern Miss (W)

Sept. 9: Eastern KY (W)

Sept. 16: @South Carolina (W)

Sept. 23: Florida (W)

Sept. 30: Eastern Michigan (W)

Oct. 7: Missouri (W)

Oct. 21: @Mississippi State (L)

Oct. 28: Tennessee (W)

Nov. 4: Mississippi (W)

Nov. 11: @Vanderbilt (L)

Nov. 18: @Georgia (L)

Nov. 25: Louisville (L)

End Result (8-4)


Sept. 2: @Middle Tennessee (W)

Sept. 9: Alabama A&M (W)

Sept. 16: Kansas State (L)

Sept. 23: Alabama (L)

Sept. 30: @Florida (L)

Oct. 7: Georgia (L)

Oct. 14: @Mississippi (L)

Oct. 28: @South Carolina (L)

Nov. 4: Western Kentucky (W)

Nov. 11: Kentucky (W)

Nov. 18: Missouri (W)

Nov. 25: @Tennessee (L)

End Result (5-7)


Sept. 2: Missouri State (W)

Sept. 9: South Carolina (L)

Sept. 16: Purdue (W)

Sept. 23: Auburn (L)

Oct. 7: @Kentucky (L)

Oct. 14: @Georgia (L)

Oct. 21: Idaho (W)

Oct. 28: @Connecticut (W)

Nov. 4: Florida (L)

Nov. 11: Tennessee (L)

Nov. 18: @Vanderbilt (L)

Nov. 25: @Arkansas (L)

End Result (4-8)

South Carolina

Sept. 2: NC State (L)

Sept. 9: @Missouri (W)

Sept. 16: Kentucky (W)

Sept. 23: Louisiana Tech (W)

Sept. 30: @Texas A&M (L)

Oct. 7: Arkansas (L)

Oct. 14: @Tennessee (L)

Oct. 28: Vanderbilt (W)

Nov. 4: @Georgia (L)

Nov. 11: Florida (L)

Nov. 18: Wofford (L)

Nov. 25: Clemson (L)

End Result (4-8)


SEC Championship

Alabama vs. Georgia

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