We are within twenty-four hours until the 2016 college football season officially begins in the SEC. Before kickoff, we thought we’d do something a little different and give our picks in both the East and the West divisions in the Southeastern Conference. We will predict every SEC teams record, game by game. See below for our, hopefully accurate, predictions. Merry kickoff-eve!

Sneaky trap games: Alabama at Arkansas, Tennessee at Texas A&M, LSU at Florida.

Big predictions: Vanderbilt goes 7-5, LSU wins SEC West.

High on: Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, LSU.

Low on: Mississippi State, South Carolina.


Sept 3: USC (W)

Sept 10: Western Kentucky (W)

Sept 17: @Ole Miss (L)

Sept 24: Kent State (W)

Oct 1: Kentucky (W)

Oct 8: @Arkansas (W)

Oct 15: @Tennessee (W)

Oct 22: Texas A&M (W)

Nov 5: @LSU (L)

Nov 12: Mississippi State (W)

Nov 19: Chattanooga (W)

Nov 26: Auburn (W)

Finishes 10-2, 2nd in SEC West


Sept 3: Wisconsin (W)

Sept 10: Jacksonville State (W)

Sept 17: Mississippi State (W)

Sept 24: @Auburn (W)

Oct 1: Missouri (W)

Oct: 8: @Florida (L)

Oct: 15: Southern Miss (W)

Oct 22: Ole Miss (W)

Nov 5: Alabama (W)

Nov 12: @Arkansas (W)

Nov 19: South Alabama (W)

Nov 26: @Texas A&M (W)

Finishes 11-1, wins SEC West.

Ole Miss:

Sept 3: Florida State (L)

Sept 10: Wofford (W)

Sept 17: Alabama (W)

Sept 24: Georgia (W)

Oct 1: Memphis (W)

Oct 15: @Arkansas (W)

Oct 22: @LSU (L)

Oct 29: Auburn (W)

Nov 5: Georgia Southern (W)

Nov 12: @Texas A&M (L)

Nov 19: @Vanderbilt (W)

Nov 26: Mississippi State (W)

Finishes 9-3, third in SEC West.


Sept 3: Louisiana Tech (W)

Sept 10: @TCU (W)

Sept 17: Texas State (W)

Sept 24: Texas A&M (L)

Oct 1: Alcorn State (W)

Oct 8: Alabama (L)

Oct 15: Ole Miss (L)

Oct 22: Auburn (W)

Nov 5: Florida (L)

Nov 12: LSU (L)

Nov 19: @Mississippi State (W)

Nov 26: @Missouri (W)

Finishes 7-5, fifth in SEC West.


Sept 3: Clemson (L)

Sept 10: Arkansas State (W)

Sept 17: Texas A&M (L)

Sept 24: LSU (L)

Oct 1: Louisiana-Monroe (W)

Oct 8: @Mississippi State (W)

Oct 22: Arkansas (L)

Oct 29: @Ole Miss (L)

Nov 5: Vanderbilt (W)

Nov 12: @Georgia (L)

Nov 19: Alabama A&M (W)

Nov 26: @Alabama (L)

Finishes 5-7, sixth in SEC West.

Texas A&M:

Sept 3: UCLA (L)

Sept 10: Prairie View A&M (W)

Sept 17: @Auburn (W)

Sept 24: Arkansas (W)

Oct 1: @South Carolina (W)

Oct 8: Tennessee (W)

Oct: 22: @Alabama (L)

Oct 29: New Mexico State (W)

Nov 5: @Mississippi State (W)

Nov 12: Ole Miss (L)

Nov 19: Texas San Antonio (W)

Nov 26: LSU (L)

Finsihes 8-4, fourth in SEC West.

Mississippi State:

Sept 3: South Alabama (W)

Sept 10: South Carolina (W)

Sept 17: @LSU (L)

Sept 24: @Massachusetts (W)

Oct 8: Auburn (L)

Oct 14: @BYU (L)

Oct 22: @Kentucky (L)

Nov 5: Texas A&M (L)

Nov 12: @Alabama (L)

Nov 19: Arkansas (L)

Nov 26: @Ole Miss (L)

Finishes 3-8, last in SEC West.

—-Onto the East!—–


Sept 1: Appalachian State (W)

Sept 10: Virginia Tech (W)

Sept 17: Ohio (W)

Sept 24: Florida (W)

Oct 1: @Georgia (W)

Oct 8: @Texas A&M (L)

Oct 15: Alabama (L)

Oct 29: South Carolina (W)

Nov 5: Tennessee Tech (W)

Nov 12: Kentucky (W)

Nov 19: Missouri (W)

Nov 26: @Vanderbilt (W)

Finishes 10-2, first in SEC East.


Sept 3: Massachusetts (W)

Sept 10: Kentucky (W)

Sept 17: North Texas (W)

Sept 24: @Tennessee (L)

Oct 1: @Vanderbilt (W)

Oct 8: LSU (W)

Oct 15: Missouri (W)

Oct 29: Georgia (L)

Nov 5: @Arkansas (W)

Nov 12: South Carolina (W)

Nov 19: Presbyterian (W)

Nov 26: Florida State (L)

Finishes 9-3, third in SEC East.


Sept 3: UNC (W)

Sept 10: Nicholls (W)

Sept 17: @Missouri (W)

Sept 24: @Ole Miss (L)

Oct 1: Tennessee (L)

Oct 8: @South Carolina (W)

Oct 15: Vanderbilt (W)

Oct 22: @Florida (W)

Nov 5: @Kentucky (W)

Nov 12: Auburn (W)

Nov 19: Louisiana-Lafayette (W)

Nov 26: Georgia Tech (W)

Finishes 9-3, second in SEC East.


Sept 1: South Carolina (W)

Sept 10: Middle Tennessee (W)

Sept 17: @Georgia Tech (W)

Sept 24: @Western Kentucky (W)

Oct 1: Florida (L)

Oct 8: @Kentucky (W)

Oct 15: @Georgia (L)

Oct 22: Tennessee State (W)

Nov 5: @Auburn (L)

Nov 12: @Missouri (W)

Nov 19: Ole Miss (L)

Nov 26: Tennessee (L)

Finishes 7-5, gets bowl birth.

South Carolina:

Sept 1: @Vanderbilt (L)

Sept 10: @Mississippi State (L)

Sept 17: East Carolina (W)

Sept 24: @Kentucky (L)

Oct 1: Texas A&M (L)

Oct 8: Georgia (L)

Oct 22: Massachusetts (W)

Oct 29: Tennessee (L)

Nov 5: Missouri (L)

Nov 12: @Florida (L)

Nov 19: Western Carolina (W)

Nov 26: @Clemson (L)

Finishes 3-9, last in SEC East.


Sept 3: Southern Miss (W)

Sept 10: @Florida (L)

Sept 17: New Mexico State (W)

Sept 24: South Carolina (W)

Oct 1: @Alabama (L)

Oct: 8: Vanderbilt (L)

Oct 22: Mississippi State (W)

Oct: 29: @Missouri (W)

Nov 5: Georgia (L)

Nov 12: @Tennessee (L)

Nov 19: Austin Peay (W)

Nov 26: @Louisville (L)

Finishes 6-6, finally gets bowl birth.


Sept 3: @West Virginia (L)

Sept 10: Eastern Michigan (W)

Sept 17: Georgia (L)

Sept 24: Delaware State (W)

Oct 1: @LSU (L)

Oct 15: @Florida (L)

Oct 22: Middle Tennessee (W)

Oct 29: Kentucky (L)

Nov 5: @South Carolina (W)

Nov 12: Vanderbilt (L)

Nov 19: @Tennessee (L)

Nov 25: Arkansas (L)

Finishes 4-8.

End Prediction: LSU defeats Tennessee in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

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